Mobile Vaccination Clinic

14655 N.W. Freeway
 Suite. 101
Houston, TX 77040
(Located next to the new Courtyard Marriott)


 Vax-A-Nation is a mobile vaccination clinic that serves the entire state of Texas. We operate via Texas Department of Health's Vaccines for Children's program. This is a federally funded program that allows us to provide low-cost vaccinations to children 18 years and under throughout Texas. In fact, vaccinations that would normally cost hundreds of dollars are available for children at the price of: 

  • $14 for one vaccination, and $10 for each additional one per child. 

 We have been in business for almost 13 years, and have given over 300,000 injections at schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations. In addition, we have given countless influenza and travel vaccinations throughout the state. Our vaccinators are well-trained and very experienced at administering immunizations painlessly and accurately.

                               Attention Parents                                                                                  Flu season is here!

We are offering FREE Flu shots for any child that receives MEDICAID.
Any child that is not covered under MEDICAID can get the shot for only $10.

If your school or community is interested in setting up a VFC Flu Shot Clinic please have them call our office at 832-460-9003

Parents, you can get your Flu shot for only $20!

Make an appointment today!

Attention College Students

The Meningitis shot is mandatory for all entering college students except:

* Students over the age of 30
* Students who only take online or distance education
* Current students of LSCS or another institution of
   higher education before January 1, 2012
   AND who have been enrolled without a break of at 
   least one fall or spring semester
* Individuals who are dual-credit students from a
   Texas Independent School District
* Students enrolled in a non-credit program that is 
   less than 360 contact hours, or non-credit corporate 

Most importantly once a student turns 19 the Meningitis shot is no longer $20. The shot can cost up to $170, we offer it for a student discounted price of $100.00.

Attention Middle School Students

Children going into middle school are required to have the following vaccinations:

                Meningitis, Varicella, and Tdap.

At Vax-A-Nation we offer all three vaccines for $34.

Call us today to get ahead of the game and make sure your child is ready for the next school year!

Also available:
 HPV, Hepatitis A and B boosters for any students entering into the medical field. We also perform almost all blood testing with our in-house lab clinic.

Vitamin B-Complex shot (ONLY $30)
is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for growth, cell reproduction, red blood cell production, and  nerve growth/repair. It also regulates sleep, boost energy, helps burn fat and increase your metabolism.

Lipo B Shot (ONLY $35)
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